Get your website to the top of Google search results with our custom SEO services

  • Keyword research to identify how your customers are searching online
  • Optimize your website's code, structure and content
  • Build high-quality links to improve your website's ranking

Vancouver SEO services

Successfully increasing your position in search engines requires a detailed approach. Consider that Google's search algorithm analyzes over 200 factors to determine your position in search results. We've developed our process on the core elements that define a successful SEO strategy.

SEO research and strategy development

We start by understanding your objectives, competitors, target audience and current web presence.

  • Website SEO audit - we analyze your website to identify the areas that need improvement
  • Competitor analysis - we identify the keywords your top competitors are targeting
  • Keyword research - we research the keywords your customers are using to find similar services/products and provide you with a comprehensive list
  • Placement analysis - we benchmark your current position in Google for targeted keywords for future goal comparisons

Website optimization

We optimize your website following industry best practices.

  • Website optimization - website structure, navigation, url taxonomy, 301 redirects, title, h1 and alt tags are optimized for Google search
  • Content optimization - we make sure your website content includes your targeted keywords and we recommend internal linking strategies
  • Local search optimization - we can target local search through NAP analysis and by optimizing your Yelp and Google places pages

Link building & content creation

For highly competitive keywords, link building and content creation can be the difference maker in achieving top position in Google.

  • Link building - we identify and source high quality back links to your website
  • Content creation - we write articles and blog entries

Tracking and adjusting

Maintaining a top position in search engines often requires ongoing website monitoring and SEO adjustments.

  • Performance tracking - we monitor your analytics and the website's progress in search results. We provide monthly reports on activity and make recommendations for continued improvements.
  • Campaign reviews - we can provide an independent review of your website and provide recommendations for website adjustments

SEO services pricing

We provide a fixed-price quote for our SEO services (average pricing is $1000 - $3000). For websites that face highly competitive keywords, we also recommend ongoing SEO management. Some of the factors that can influence the price of SEO include:

  • Keyword competitiveness - if a keyword is highly competitive then optimizing your website might not be enough. It may be necessary to have an ongoing SEO strategy that includes link building and content creation.
  • Size of website - a website that has over 200 pages will require more optimization than a website with only 20 pages

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising can quickly drive traffic to your website and is a compliment to SEO. If you're interested in paid search placement then consider our pay per click advertising services.

Search engine optimization case studies

Pixelmade is a local Vancouver SEO company that has optimized over 30 client websites. Outlined below are case studies showcasing some of the results achieved by our clients.

SEO for EEC Industries

Case Study: Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services had an immediate impact on EEC's search engine position for over 50 keywords.

  • Over 100% increase in unique website visitors within the first month
  • Within 1 week the website was listed on page 1 of Google for over 30 keywords
  • Page 1 in Google for "Vancouver sign company" & "custom architectural signage"

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Photo of retail storefront

Case Study: Small Business Web Design

We developed Roton's online store using a Drupal CMS and optimized their website to improve their position in search engines.

  • Top results in Google for "Vancouver Marine Electronics"
  • Top results in Google for "Vancouver Marine Heaters"
  • 240% increase in traffic 3 months after website launch

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Web design for Crosstown Metal Industries website

Case Study: Corporate Web Design

Professional web design and SEO services help Crosstown get to page 1 in Google.

  • Top result in Google for "Sheet metal fabrication Canada"
  • Top result in Google for "HVAC fabrication Canada"
  • Top result in Google for "Architectural metal Canada"
  • Website generates a $1,000,000 overseas contract

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Web design for TFA website

Case Study: Non-Profit Web Design

The TFA's new website includes event registration, secure member area and search engine optimization

  • Page 1 on Google for "UBC Football" and "Thunderbird Football"
  • Over $20,000 raised through online event registrations during 3 month period
  • 150% increase in online membership

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